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      2. veritiv connects



        Veritiv is dedicated to supporting the communities where we live and work through philanthropic giving, product donations, and employee volunteering.




        Our people, customers and shareholders are part of the greater ecosystem in both local communities and around the world.

        The work we do shaping success for the community leads to a more healthy and vibrant society.

        Watch a Message from Veritiv Chairman and CEO, Mary Laschinger
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        We at Veritiv value workforce readiness and programs that support talent development for Veritiv employees
        and prepare other individuals for careers in distribution solutions and beyond.
        An educated and skilled workforce has been essential for our success. 
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        Prosperous, healthy, sustainable, inclusive and happy communities are important to Veritiv,
        our customers and to society.  
        We deliver support where we can make the biggest difference. 


        Many of the women and men who have served our country have developed skills that are beneficial to our business.
        We want to help these individuals successfully re-enter civilian life and give them an opportunity to seek employment at Veritiv and other companies.


        A good education for all is essential in advancing society, strengthening our communities and supporting a strong talent pipeline for Veritiv.


        We realize that we procure and distribute a vast amount of product and we take this seriously.
        At Veritiv, we support efforts to preserve, replenish and enhance the environment for future generations. 


        While in time of disaster, the immediate relief is of utmost importance.
        We at Veritiv feel that we can make the most important contribution supporting the full potential of our distribution network to aid in the relief efforts and assist families, communities and businesses as they work to rebuild. We also believe safety and preparedness are essential to our employees and communities.
        one veritiv fund
        The One Veritiv Fund provides short-term, immediate financial relief to Veritiv employees impacted by unanticipated hardships and emergencies. Funded by employee contributions and an initial donation from Veritiv's senior leaders, the One Veritiv Fund is designed to support Veritiv employees who have suffered significant hardship as a result of unforeseen events such as natural disaster or military deployment. 
        To make a donation to the One Veritiv Fund, visit oneveritivfund.org.