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      2. Highly certified, educated
        professionals for every industry.

        Discover the perspective that shapes our customers’ success.
        Ranked Top Distributor - 2017

        No Matter Your Industry or Obstacle,
        You Can Count On Veritiv.

        We represent an elite team of Certified LEAN Advisors. Backed by powerful infrastructure and technology tailored for Facility Solutions, your advisor will work with you on a personal level to help you more effectively manage your facility and create a program that’s uniquely you.


        Certified LEAN Advisor talking with customer about waste in manufacturing plant


        Drive inefficiencies out of your operations with the help of Veritiv’s Certified LEAN Advisors, who are third-party LEAN certified, and have earned the OSHA 10-hour Hazard recognition merit. 

        See our Lean Approach

        Students walking on college campus

        Colleges & universities

        Meet student and faculty expectations. Veritiv’s Certified LEAN Advisors help you determine the right products and services to help yours become a smarter, more sustainable campus.

        Advance your sustainability


        Doctor checking up on child patent with female nurse in background


        Break the chain of cross infection with the help of evidence-based solutions. Our approach is led by Veritiv’s Certified LEAN Advisors for Healthcare Facilities, who are accredited in HIDA Medical Sales, and are experts in workloading productivity software.

        Improve the health of your facility


        Certified LEAN Advisor speaking in office conference room full of people

        Building Service Contractors and Property Management

        Ensure you have the right strategies and partner with the right people—that’s what will give you an edge. Veritiv’s Certified LEAN Advisors can help you develop a cleaning program and standards that improve tenant and employee satisfaction, command increased rents, and more.

        Manage your building smarter


        Hotel housekeeper laying towels on bed


        Stay focused on your customers by letting Veritiv help you more effectively manage the cleanliness, wellness, and budget for your lodging facilities. We can help keep your buildings looking and running their best.

        View the Veritiv Lodging Guide

        Woman walking in front of government building


        Through competitive bidding, Veritiv has been awarded government contracts in which state government entities, school districts, cities and counties provide you with powerful procurement solutions. Our cooperative contracts ensure you stay compliant while granting you access to premier facility supplies.

        Benefit from government contracts



        Other industries served

        high-traffic venues

        cruise lines

        retail facilities